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every sentence is a sexual innuendo if you think long and hard about it


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No writing is wasted. Did you know that sourdough from San Francisco is leavened partly by a bacteria called lactobacillus sanfrancisensis? It is native to the soil there, and does not do well elsewhere. But any kitchen can become an ecosystem. If you bake a lot, your kitchen will become a happy home to wild yeasts, and all your bread will taste better. Even a failed loaf is not wasted. Likewise, cheese makers wash the dairy floor with whey. Tomato gardeners compost with rotten tomatoes. No writing is wasted: the words you can’t put in your book can wash the floor, live in the soil, lurk around in the air. They will make the next words better.

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Sleeping Fox. New 35mm print on Society6

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Anonymous asked: But olive what if it tastes salty??


pussy isn’t gonna taste like strawberries and whipped cream. like, it’s a bodily fluid. your vagina is acidic when it’s in its prime pH. let’s get rid of this idea that we’re supposed to taste like we’re fruits instead of humans. like, yes, you can alter the taste with your diet. but please do not fret if your genitals don’t taste like chocolate pudding.


Yo ho, Sebastian, let’s go far away.

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things i like:

  • reading
  • learning

things i do not like:

  • reading for a grade
  • learning for a grade

so basically school ruins my motivation for things

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{ the scent of autumn time }

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Help Juliana build a New No Kill Animal Shelter ›




If you can’t afford to donate, please share. Juliana rescues animals and has lost her sanctuary for unfair reasons + all the money she had invested in it. 

I’ve donated, please help out and reblog.

Word of mouth is very powerful. If you cannot afford a donation, please reblog and get the word out!

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y own 

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Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying.

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Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life

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Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything

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